Following World War Two, the 1st Cavalry Division (Dismounted) was assigned occupation duties in Tokyo, Japan. Despite its "Cavalry" designation, and calling its men "Troopers" instead of soldiers, it was organized and equipped the same as any normal infantry division. In other words, the "Cavalry" designation was traditional.

When war broke out on the Korean Peninsula, the first Cavalry unit to deploy was the 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment. It arrived at P'ohang-dong on South Korea's east coast on 9 July 1950 where it provided security for K-3, the main airport while awaiting for the remainder of the regiment to arrive. When it did, the 7th Cavalry Regiment moved west to Taegu and then up the main Taegu- Taejon highway, passing through 8th Cavalry Regiment positions and entering combat with the enemy for the first time in the Korean War at Yongdong on 24 July 1950. The remainder of the 1st Cavalry Division followed these two regiments in the next few days.

The division redeployed to Japan on 22 October 1951 to serve as Far East Command reserve. It stayed in this role until after the ceasefire in July 1953 when it returned to Korea.

The Division consisted of:

Division Troops

Division Special Troops

Attached Units

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