Hawker Sea Fury Mk 11

The Hawker Sea Fury was a single-seat, single-engine, carrier-based fighter-bomber used by the British Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Australian Navy during the Korean War.

A prototype of the Hawker Fury first flew on 1 September 1944.  A prototype Sea Fury, a Fury adapted for carrier operations, first flew on 12 February 1945.  The first production Sea Fury flew on 7 March 1946.  The version used in the Korean War was the Sea Fury Mk 11, of which 615 were built.  It had a 2,480-hp engine, a maximum speed of 460 mph, was armed with four 20mm cannon, and could carry up to 2,000 lbs. of external ordnance.

            Four British and two Australian squadrons flying from British and Australian light aircraft carriers operated Sea Fury Mk 11s during the Korean War.  They proved to be very useful for ground attack, especially during the first year of the Korean War.  On 27 July 1952 the Sea Fury became the first piston-engine fighter to shoot down a MiG-15.