Short Sunderland flying boats

            The Short Sunderland was a four-engine, long-range patrol-bomber flying boat used by the Royal Air Force during the Korean War.  A prototype of the Sunderland first flew on 16 October 1937, and it entered service with the British Royal Air Force in December 1938.  The Sunderland was the standard Coastal Command flying boat throughout World War Two, and 749 were built.  The Sunderland was armed with ten 0.303-inch and two 0.50-inch machine-guns, and it could carry nearly 5,000 lbs. of ordnance.

            Two British squadrons, No. 88 Squadron and No. 209 Squadron, operated Sunderland flying boats from Japanese bases during the Korean War to supplement US Air Force and Navy air-sea rescue and long-range patrols.