Yakovlev Yak-9P

            The Yakovlev Yak-9 was a single-seat, single-engine fighter used by the DPRK and PRC Air Forces during the Korean War.  The Yak-9 entered production during the summer of 1942, and deliveries to operational units began in October 1942.  The Yak-9 was widely used by Soviet forces throughout the remainder of World War Two, and many variants with a wide variety of armament were developed.  Production of the Yak-9 ended in 1946 after 16,769 had been built. 

            The Yak-9P was a post-war development of the Yak-9.  It was armed with a 23mm cannon and two 12.7mm machine-guns and could carry up to 440 lbs. of bombs.  It had a 1,650-hp engine enabling it to reach a speed of 434 mph.  Yak-9Ps were supplied to both the DPRK and the PRC.  At the beginning of the Korean War the DPRK Air Force possessed 79 Yak-9Ps, which comprised its fighter regiment.  Although a good combat aircraft the DPRK’s Yak-9Ps were out-numbered by the US Air Force and Navy, out-classed by their jet aircraft, and unable to operate with its airbases destroyed.  The Yak-9P was rarely used after the first month of the Korean War.