Lavochkin La-9

            The Lavochkin La-9 was a single-seat, single-engine fighter used in combat by the DPRK Air Force during the Korean War.  The La-9 was an improved version of the La-7 and entered service with the Soviet Air Force late in 1944.  It had a 1,870-hp engine giving it a top speed of 430 mph, and it was armed with four 23mm cannon.

            The PRC received 120 La-9s from the Soviet Union in 1950 and used them to equip its 9th Fighter Division, however, that unit did not fight in Korea.  The DPRK received a few dozen La-9s during late 1950 and early 1951.  By April 1951 The DPRK Air Force had two fighter regiments, wholly or partially equipped with La-9s, ready for combat.  The DPRK used La-9s in combat on only a few occasions, as they were no match for the UN forcesí jet fighters.