De Havilland Canada L-20 Beaver

The De Havilland L-20 Beaver was a single pilot, single-engine, light utility aircraft used by the USAF during the Korean War.

A prototype of the DHC-2 Beaver first flew on 16 August 1947, and de Havilland of Canada began producing the DHC-2 in 1948.  The US Air Force adopted the DHC-2 with the designation L-20 and procured 980 of them.

The US Air Force used the L-20 during the Korean War for liaison and for light transport.  It was capable of carrying up to seven passengers or 1,500 lbs. of cargo.  The Beaver was noted for its ability to operate from very short fields and in all types of terrain. 

            The Beaver remained in production until the mid-1960s, and at one time it was used by more than fifty countries for a variety of military and civilian uses