May 25
Raid on Agok. Nine tanks of the 245th Tank Battalion, 45th Infantry Division, retaliate for three raids on the division's sector.

June 6-14
Operation COUNTER. The 45th Infantry Division launches a two-phased series of attacks to establish 11 patrol bases in the Old Baldy area. Second and 3rd Battalions, 180th Infantry Regiment, fight fiercely for Outpost Eerie on Hill 191, which is counterattacked by two Chinese battalions.

July 17- Aug. 4
Battle for Old Baldy (Hill 266).

July 23
FEAF and Navy planes launch massive air strikes against North Korea's hydroelectric power grid, causing an almost complete blackout for more than two weeks. Results of strikes extend into northeast China, which loses nearly 25 percent of its electrical requirements.

Aug. 12-16- Sept. 5-15
Battle of Bunker Hill (Hill 122). First major Marine ground action in western Korea is fought by the 1st Marine Division.

Aug. 29
War's largest air raid. FEAF and carrier planes bomb Pyongyang in a 1,403-sortie assault----the largest single-day raid of the war.

Sept. 1
Largest all-Navy raid. A total of 144 planes from three carriers destroy the oil refinery at Aoji, North Korea.

Sept. 17-24
Outpost Kelly. The 65th Infantry Regiment (3rd Infantry Division) is besieged by CCF.

Oct. 9- July 1953
"Cherokee" Strikes. Seventh Fleet bombing campaign against battlefront enemy supply facilities.

Oct. 14-25
Operation SHOWDOWN/Battle of Hill 598 (Sniper Ridge). 7th Infantry Division battles the Chinese near Kumhwa, the right leg of the Iron Triangle.

Oct. 26-28
Battle of the Hook.

Nov. 3
Hill 851, Heartbreak Ridge area, held by the 2nd Battalion, 160th Infantry Regiment (40th Infantry Division)

Dec. 25
T-Bone Hill. The 38th Infantry Regiment (2nd Infantry Division) repels Chinese forces during an intense battle.

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