Soviet Air Order of Battle - Korea 1950-53

Courtesy of CW2 Stephen L. Sewell

64th Independent Fighter Aviation Corps -- GEN-LT I. V. Belov (Nov 1950 - Oct 1951)
                                                                               GEN- LT G. Lobov (Oct 1951 - Oct 1952)
                                                                               GEN-LT S.V. Slyusarev) (Nov 52 - Dec 54)

32nd Fighter Aviation Division (COL G. Grokhovetskii) (Sep 52 - Jul 53)
224th Fighter Aviation Regiment (?)
535th Fighter Aviation Regiment (? M. Muryaev)
913th Fighter Aviation Regiment (LTC V. Marchenko)

37th Fighter Aviation Division (COL A.I. Khalutin) (Jul 53 - end)
236th Fighter Aviation Regiment
282nd Fighter Aviation Regiment
940th Fighter Aviation Regiment

97th Fighter Aviation Division (COL A. Shevtsov) (Jan 52 - Jul 53)
16th Fighter Aviation Regiment
148th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment

100th Fighter Aviation Division (Jul 53 - end)
9th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment
731st Fighter Aviation Regiment
735th Fighter Aviation Regiment

133rd PVO Fighter Aviation Division (COL Komarov) (May 52 -Jul 53)
147th Guards Special Purpose Fighter Aviation Regiment (LTC M. Studilin)
415th Fighter Aviation Regiment (LTC Shevelyev)
726th Fighter Aviation Regiment (LTC Chizh)
578th Fighter Aviation Regiment (Naval Aviation) (attached)

190th Fighter Aviation Division (COL Kornilov) (Feb 52 - Jul 53)
256th Fighter Aviation Regiment
494th Fighter Aviation Regiment
821st Fighter Aviation Regiment (LTC G.F. Dmitryuk)

216th PVO Fighter Aviation Division (COL B. Yeremin) (Feb 52 - Jul 53)
518th Fighter Aviation Regiment (LTC Dobrov)
676th Fighter Aviation Regiment (LTC I. Gorbunov)
878th Fighter Aviation Regiment (LTC Dronov)
781st Fighter Aviation Regiment (Naval Aviation)(attached)

303rd Fighter Aviation Division (GEN-MAJ G. Lobov/GEN- MAJ A.Kumanichkin) (Aug 51 - Dec 51)
17th Fighter Aviation Regiment (MAJ G.I.. Pulov)
18th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (LTC Belostotskiy)
523rd Fighter Aviation Regiment (LTC Karasev)

324th Fighter Aviation Division (COL I.N. Kozhedub) (Apr 51 - Feb 52)
176th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (LTC S.F. Vishnyakov)
196th Fighter Aviation Regiment (COL Ye. Pepelyaev)

351st Independent Fighter Aviation Regiment (Night) (LTC I. Yefimov) (Jul 51 - Feb 53)

298th Independent Fighter Aviation Regiment (Night) (LTC Vasil'yev) (Feb 53 - Jul 53)


Non-Flying Elements of the 64th IAK In Korea 1950-1953

28th Antiaircraft Artillery Division (COL Angelov) (Jan 53 - End)
503rd Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment (LTC Kletsko)
505th Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment (LTC N.F. Shandryuk)
507th Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment (LTC Samoilov)

35th Antiaircraft Artillery Division (Jan 53 - End)
508th Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment
513th Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment

87th Antiaircraft Artillery Division (COL A.I. Varlygo) (Mar 51 - Jan 53)
151st Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment (LTC Bystrov)
1777th Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment (LTC Medyantsev)

92nd Antiaircraft Artillery Division (Mar 51 - Jan 53)
666th Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment
667th Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment

16th Aviation Technical Services Division (COL V.S. Zaitsev) (Jul 53 - Dec 54)
180th Independent Airfield Technical Support Battalion
277th Independent Airfield Technical Support Battalion
838th Independent Airfield Technical Support Battalion
854th Independent Airfield Technical Support Battalion
859th Independent Airfield Technical Support Battalion

18th Aviation Technical Services Division (COL M.P. Mironovich) (Jun 51 - Jul 53)

10th Independent Searchlight Artillery Regiment (COL Ye.A. Belenko) (Mar 51 - Jan 53)

20th Independent Searchlight Artillery Regiment (Jan 53 - Dec 54)
65th ODRSO
61st Independent Antiaircraft Illumination Company

1406th Hospital for Infectious Diseases (COL A. Gorelik)

8th Mobile Field Hospital
534th Radiographic Department
70th Independent Decontamination Platoon
99th Independent Decontamination Platoon
18th Plague Prevention Detachment
357th Medical Epidemic Laboratory

81st Independent Communications Company (Nov 1950 - Apr 1953)
727th Independent Communications Battalion (Apr 1953 - Dec 1954)

133rd Independent Radio Technical Battalion (Apr 1953 - Dec 1954)
61st Independent Radio Technical Company (Radio Navigation) (Apr 1953 - Dec 1954)
114th Radio Technical Regiment (OSNAZ) Special Task Force


Supporting Soviet Air Order of Battle - Korea
(Units supporting the 64th Independent Fighter Aviation Corps - November 1950 - March 1951)

Commanding General (Aviation) Far East Military District = GEN-LT S. Krasovskiy - to Fall 1951

83rd Independent Fighter Aviation Corps (PVO) (Laodung Peninsula)
(GEN-LT Rykachev - Fall 1951 to July 1953)

28th Fighter Aviation Division (COL A.V. Aleyukhin) (Nov 50 - Feb 51)
67th Fighter Aviation Regiment
139th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (COL Keleninikov)

153rd Fighter Aviation Division
351st Fighter Aviation Regiment (transferred to the 64th IAK - June 1951)

55th Independent Fighter Aviation Corps (PVO) (Maj-.Gen P.F. Batyskiy) (Primors'kye Military Region)

149th Fighter Aviation Division
3rd Fighter Aviation Regiment
18th Fighter Aviation Regiment
582md Fighter Aviation Regiment


67th Fighter Aviation Corps (Far East Military District)

Moscow Miltary District Units Transferred to the Far East for Immediate Support

50th Fighter Aviation Division (LTC A.V. Pashkevich) (Dec 50 - Feb 51)
29th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment (Guards Major D.V. Virich)
177th Fighter Aviation Regiment (LTC Teren'yev)
7th Air Regiment (PLAAF) (attached)

151st Guards Fighter Aviation Division (COL Sapozhnikov) (Nov 50 - Feb 51)
28th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment
72nd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment

Soviet formations were made up of Para (element) of two aircraft; two Pary made a Zveno (flight); two to three Zvena made an Eskadra (squadron). Three Eskadry made a Polk (Regiment), two to three Polki a Diviziya (division), and two or more Divisii, a Korpus or Corps. Combat was normally fought by two or three Pary in a group; squadrons would also cross attach Zvena when needed.

This only applied to the forces in Korea, as elsewhere the normal number was three flights per squadron and three regiments per division. Thus in Korea a division could, and did, often consist of as few as 48 aircraft rather than the 108 found elsewhere.

The AA divisions had a variety of weapons. The 87th had 59 85mm guns and 56 37mm weapons; the 92nd had 96 85mm and 84 37mm guns. The units at that time appear to have been organized into four gun batteries and twelve gun battalions. The 87th was probably understrength.

The searchlight regiments each had 36 projectors, organized as per the weapons in four projector batteries and twelve projector battalions.


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